WARCI Contact Information

nicubunu-Tools-300px If you are looking for someone to repair your old radio, check out our classifieds section!  Our members who offer repair services are listed at the top of the page.

WARCI Executive Board
Are you looking to get in touch with one of the WARCI Board Members?  Our contact information is below:

President Nicholas Tillich gro.i1544709844craw@1544709844tnedi1544709844serp1544709844
Vice President Terry Hanney moc.l1544709844iamg@1544709844steso1544709844idary1544709844lrae1544709844
Treasurer Bill Engaas moc.r1544709844r.iw@1544709844kboid1544709844arytf1544709844arc1544709844
Secretary Mike Sadjowitz
Board Jim Menning
Dennis Schrank
Mike Krawczyk
Dale Boyce
PR Coordinator Available!
Newsletter Editor Mike Sadjowitz
Webmaster Nicholas Tillich gro.i1544709844craw@1544709844retsa1544709844mbew1544709844