The Wisconsin Antique Radio Club, Inc. exists to preserve the history and enhance the knowledge of radio, television, and other related disciplines, promote fellowship and the exchange of ideas and experience between antique radio collectors. We have a special interest in the history of radio in our home state of Wisconsin: Wisconsin radio companies and their radios, Wisconsin radio stations, etc. Our members’ interests include radio (encompassing transmitters, earphones, speakers, antennas, tubes, batteries, components, etc as well as receivers), television, audio, and antique phonographs.  View the WARCI bylaws here.

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Membership to WARCI is $15.00 for the calendar year. An application form can be downloaded below. Please print off a copy of the application and send it with your check to the included address.

Membership Form (288 Kb)

New Member Proration
As of 11/8/15, the WARCI Board of Directors adopted the following proration schedule for new members.  This schedule will not be applied retroactively.  Existing membership renewals are always billed at full cost.

Month Proration Amount Membership Cost
January 100% $15
February 100% $15
March 100% $15
April 80% $12
May 80% $12
June 60% $9
July 60% $9
August 40% $6
September 0% $15*
October 0% $15*
November 0% $15*
December 0% $15*

*Membership starts immediately, and will be applied to the following calendar year.

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