This page contains a list of WARCI members who have posted their collecting interests and/or contact information online. To contact one of the members, simply click on the email link below their name.

Member Name Collecting Interest
Ben Bensaid Ben's main collecting interests are tube radios, tube amps, tube preamps, receivers, vacuum tubes, tuners and turntables.
Dale and Chris Boyce While major national brand names like, Amplion, Atwater Kent, Crosley, DeForest, Emerson, FADA, Kennedy, Magnavox, Philco, RCA, Westinghouse, and Zenith are included, the focus of their collection is Wisconsin radios, components, artifacts and accessories made between 1915 and 1930. Some of the more than 30 Company names include: Allen-Bradley, Antherton, Briggs & Stratton (BASCO), Centralab, Clearco, Cutler Hammer, Dewey’s Sporting Goods, Empire, Hansen Storage/Guthrie, Globe Electric, Granolite, J-M-P Mfg. Co., Julius Andre & Sons (JASCO/ANDRE), Klitzen, MERL, Milwaukee Pocket Radio, Milwaukee Resistor, E.D.Nunn, Nunn Landon, Ray-O-Vac/French Carbon Co, Sunlite, W.K. Electric Co (Oriole), Webster Electric, Wells Mfg., Western Coil & Electric (Radiodyne), Western Screw and Specialty and Yahr-Lange.  

Dale has written and/or contributed to WARCI News articles on many of these companies and is still searching for others.  

Inspired by the collections of the late Joe Pavek, the late Dr. Ralph Muchow and the late Dick Bury, Dale and Chris collect electrical technology equipment dating from 1855 to 2015. Electrical devices include Whimshurst machines, medical quackery, telegraph, telephone, spark gap transmitters ,crystal radios, radios and amplifiers, earphones, horn speaker, cone speakers, batteries and a few microphones. Wooden console, tombstone and Cathedral radios show the craftsmanship that was put into these lovely pieces of furniture. Art Deco radios show some of the glass, metal and plastic magic credited toy well known industrial designers. Hybrid tube/transistor radios and transistor radios are included. Novelty and plastic radios as well as colorful advertising signs, Radio Board games and early light bulbs add character, graphics and sparkle to displays. Tubes range from experimental receiving type and WWI receiving tubes made in the 1915-1920 period as well as significant variations of receiving tubes made from 1920-1930. Tube manufacturers including Arcturus, Brightson Blue, DeForest, Kellogg, Marconi, Moorhead, QRS, Ray-O-Vac, Sodion, Sonatron, Western Electric and designations such as VT-1, WD-11, WD-12, 99, 00, 01A are represented. Whimsical Geisler display Tubes and pre-1920 WHA transmitting tubes are included. Metal, glass and plastic radio banks add a touch of youth. Ready Kilowatt figures and a few Nipper dogs keep watch.  Their technical library includes publications dated from 1900 to present. Many members and non-members frequently contact Dale for radio info.  

Dale was a guest on the 2014-02-07 Tube Talk Classic Radio Show hosted by Paul Buresh. The topic was WARCI and BASCO radio. Archives are at  

Dale is a founding member and first President of WARCI. Chris was the first WARCI Newsletter Editor/Publisher. In the early years of the club, they also took care of the registration/hospitality tables.  They are still looking for items. What do you have that might fit into this collection. Please contact us.
Bill Engaas
Terry Hanney
Jim Menning Jim has been interested in collecting radios, TVs, and their related parts and literature for over 40 years. His main interests now are in early color TV sets with the round CRTs, and any unusual black & white sets ranging from the small Pilot TV-37 with a 3KP4 3-inch picture tube to the huge DuMont Royal Sovereign and Crosley sets with the 30BP4 30-inch round picture tubes. Jim also is interested in old cars, currently owning a 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 with only 27,119 original miles on it (as of 1-20-2018). Other items of interest are coin and stamp collecting, and collecting historical items (such as postcards) from Northeast Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley and the Upper Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. If you have any items that you think may interest Jim, he would be glad to hear from you.
Frank Prince Frank likes collecting Zenith, Philco, Stromberg Carlson, Emerson, ect.  He also likes collecting vintage LED watches from the 70's like Pulsar, Omega, Hamilton.  His father was an antique dealer and that's how he became interested in radios. He can be reached by e-mail or by phone at 262-639-93O7.
Nicholas Tillich Nick's main interests include wood and bakelite table radios from 1930's through 1950's. Nick also enjoys restoring high tube count console radios, including Zenith and Philco. Nick's other addictions include collecting vintage fans and electric clocks.
Carl Zimm Carl collects eye tube radios, reflex sets, Class B push-pull audio sets, and art deco radios.

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